Hanidi congratulates Tamer Hosni on his new song, and the last one replies: “My love, honey.”


The star Mohamed Henedy congratulated the star Tamer Hosni on his new song, “Mtlalnash Ehsas”, and wrote Henedi via the Story feature on Instagram, saying: “Congratulations, Tamer, you will break the world and trends as usual.” A thousand thanks my love. “


And the star Tamer Hosni expressed his great happiness with the success of his song “Mtlalnash Ehsas”, which achieved more than 4 million views in one day. Audio content only, meaning not a clip, and achieves 4 million views in one day. “

And he continued: “Seriously, praise be to God, and your reception of high-end topics in this way proves that people are changing, but those who do a different need are honest, and as always, I say what comes from the heart leads to the heart .. Thank you to all my lovers and lovers, we have no feeling “.

He also sent a message of thanks to the song’s makers, the poet Muhammad al-Qayati, the composer Muhammad Hamza, the distributor Amin Nabil, the engineer Hani Mahrous, the master Jalal Hamdawi, and the production management Hani Salib

In another context, the star Tamrah Hosni is looking for two new female faces who are good at acting and singing, one of them in the twenties and the other in the age of adolescence, for the starring of his next film, and Hosni keeps the announcement of any other details about the work..

The film is produced by his older brother Hossam Hosni and is considered the second movie of the brother’s company after the movie “Not Me”, which is expected to be shown during the mid-year vacation. Synergy Company and Sky Limit Ahmed Desouky co-produce..


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