Hamo Beka was imprisoned for two years with work and a fine of 200 thousand pounds – thought and art – east and west


Dekheila Economic Misdemeanor Court in Alexandria, northwestern Egypt, today, Saturday, sentenced the famous festivals singer “Hamo Beka” to two years in prison, and fined him 200 thousand pounds, after the accusations were proven against him for insulting and defaming the artist Hani Shaker, the captain of the musical professions, and a number of working employees By the union.

Lawyer Yasser Kantoush, an agent on behalf of the artist Hani Shaker, the head of the Musicians Syndicate, filed a complaint against Muhammad Mahmoud Mustafa Muhammad, the famous Hamo Beka, to the Public Prosecution No. 13350 on October 23, 2019, directing him to several charges, including storming a public facility, which is the Syndicate of Musical Professions, and inciting against Violence and rioting, in addition to the accusation of insulting and slandering the artist, Hani Shaker, the captain of the musical professions.

During the investigations, Beka appeared before the prosecution, accompanied by his lawyer, and listened to Beka’s statements regarding what is attributed to him.

The beginning of the incident, according to the Sada Al-Balad channel, dates back to after the Musicians Syndicate decided not to give permission to Hamo Beka to sing at a concert in Damietta, and to inform the security authorities to stop the concert. He attacked the artist Hani Shaker and the members of the union.

Becca published a live video from within the Musicians Syndicate, where he attacked the Musicians Syndicate and the Musicians Syndicate Hani Shaker in the video, and Becca said in the video: “No one will be able to prevent me from singing other than death, and if on imprisonment I am not afraid and the next time we will come and we will say I don’t want Hani Shaker, and we don’t We admit art to you, and the next time it will be in a bad insult and lack of manners and will not destroy you, and I will make you a revolution.



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