Hamo Becca in response to the T-shirt crisis: I didn’t mean anything, and Gailey was a gift


Hamo Beka, the festivals singer, apologized to his fans through his Instagram account, after they were angry with him yesterday because of wearing a T-shirt printed with an external sign, in addition to the phrase “We are very big and you are not.” I posted on Instagram, yesterday, I didn’t mean any final need, and the T-shirt came from a year as a gift and was imagined with it before that, under the Insta with your love, my sisters … I wish you could understand, but it is not all that I posted a picture that you understand wrong.

Becca’s mother-in-law

And the “Beka” audience tried to draw their attention to what the “T-shirt” contained, but he did not answer the questions of his audience, as Ahmed wrote: “What spread his circumstances, uh, Beka, talk about what”, and another commented: “You drink a cigarette as an extinguished one.” : “Uh, what shit you’re wearing, that’s why no celebrity would do that.”“.

Earlier, festivals singers Hamo Beka and Hassan Shakoush denied the news circulating on some news sites about their arrest by artistic works while singing without permits and holding a concert contrary to Cabinet decisions related to the Coronavirus pandemic “Covid 19” in Mansouriya.

Hamo Becca appeared in a video clip on his personal Facebook account and said, “Peace be upon you to all the people who love us and all my sisters. I want to send a message to any newspaper that writes false words .. I am in my office and are not sincere. We worked in the studio with me .. No people talk a lot. We have to, and let those who hate us hate us, and we do not deny anyone.


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