Habib Nurmagomedov … an icon that sport has lost


UFC lightweight champion in mixed martial arts (UFC) Habib Nurmagomedov announced his surprising retirement, after defeating American Justin Gaetji on Saturday. After Mamedov eliminated his opponent in the second round, he shocked the journalists of the UFC 254 tournament in Abu Dhabi by retiring live in front of the cameras. The champion from Dagestan, who had never lost, collapsed into the ring in tears after defeating Gaetje. When he got up, he took off his gloves and said, “This is my last battle. I was hesitant about going into this fight, but it was my father’s dream. ” Then he continued, “I just want one thing from the UFC, which is to be crowned the number one fighter in the world.” “Now only my mother is left for me, and I want to spend more time with her,” he added.It is reported that Habib’s father died from the Corona virus a short time ago, and it turned out that the hero had promised his mother that his next match (in front of Gaetje) would be his last.
Thus, one of the best in the history of the game retired, leaving a good impression in the memory of the masses due to the compatibility between his sporting merits and his moral values.
Habib Nur Mamedov was born in a mountain village called Seldi in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, and was brought up in the martial arts that he was first taught by his father, until he officially joined the UFC in 2011. He is 178 cm tall and weighs 70 kg. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Finance, and holds an international master’s degree in ERB martial arts and a master’s in sport pankrataion.
Habib’s interest in martial arts emerged from a young age, when he used to fight with his colleagues, and his father, who was an expert in the Russian army, noticed that, so he persevered in training him and accompanied him to watch students training in gyms. One of the most famous shots of Nur Mammadov is his appearance fighting a bear brought to him by his father in 1997.

Habib is considered the first Russian player to win the world lightweight title

Habib was fully aware of martial arts movements and was courageous and agile. When he reached the age of twelve, he moved with his family to the castle of Machkla and trained in the arts of wrestling, where he was distinguished by strength and lightness. At the age of fifteen, Mamedov moved to judo and acquired many skills, then at the age of seventeen he moved to practicing sambo combat under the auspices and training of his father, and then became a distinguished model in wrestling and martial arts.
In 2008, Habib Nur Mammadov presented himself in martial arts for the first time and won four successive victories in less than one month and won the Atium Champion Cup, and his first competition was in the Pilator Championship in 2011 with the fighter Shamhlayev and he had a perfect record at the time, which qualified him To win an invitation to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
His first participation was on January 20, 2012, with the fighter Kamal Shaloros, and he defeated him at the time, and since that time Habib Mammadov’s victories followed, to be considered one of the best players in the world in martial arts and wrestling, after recording 29 victories out of 29 fights.
Habib embraces the Islamic religion, and he has gained great fame in Islamic countries over the past years, especially after winning the title of world champion in mixed martial arts lightweight over Irish wrestler McGregor two years ago, as clashes occurred due to the latter’s insulting Islam, which prompted Habib to respond, and he was exposed The duo was then penalized.
McGregor then provoked Habib before the famous fight between them, by offering him wine at the press conference that preceded the match, and the wine lover refused so that MacGregor provoked him again, describing one of his aides as a Dagestan rat in addition to mocking his father. The matter crossed the battlefield at the time and took a purely religious path. The director of the press conference himself mocked Islam when he greeted Mammadov at the press conference and congratulated him with the wine that McGregor offered him, to anger Habib and attack both of them, saying: “Praise be to God who gave me everything. He vowed, “I will destroy your boy,” and he did it in the ring.
It should be noted that things have finally returned to calm somewhat, especially after the end of the historic meeting between them. McGregor tweeted after Habib won the fight against his American rival, Justin Gaetje, saying: “Good performance, I will continue again, expressing our respect and condolences to you and your family regarding the death of your father, with sincere appreciation to you, MacGregor.”
Mammadov has the longest winning streak in mixed martial arts, he is also considered the first Russian player to win the world lightweight champion title, and since 2018 Habib Nurmuhammadov has ranked second in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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