Google will pay a billion dollars to news publishers … Here are the details


“Google” revealed a new initiative called Google News Showcase, whereby the company will pay news publishers around the world money for the content that is filled with the offer of its site.

According to “Fast Company”, Google has allocated $ 1 billion to publishers over the next three years to start the initiative on the ground, as the company seeks to provide funds to publishers in order to provide a better news experience in various regions of the world.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the financial commitment is the largest to date, and it will pay publishers to create and organize high-quality content for a different kind of online news experience.

Pichai noted that the Google News Show is a new product that will benefit publishers and readers alike, as it features award-winning editorial curation to give readers more insights into important news, and will also help publishers develop deeper relationships with readers.

Bishay confirmed that “Google” signed agreements for these new contents within the so-called “Google News Showcase”, which included publishers in Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Britain and Australia.

He added, “We will stay with the press publishers more than ever to assist them in their digital transformation project, and to support a high-quality journalism sector.

Google News will now work by pulling news headlines from publisher websites, and populating the news service with its content.

Google says: “More than 200 publishers have already subscribed, including Germany’s Der Spiegel. As for the News Showcase itself, the new platform will be launched for the first time on Google News on Android devices, followed by iOS devices later this year.

The “Google News Showcase” service will be available at a later time through traditional searches on “Google”, and also on “Google Discover”, which is the event bar provided to users in a manner adapted to their interests.


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