Google search gets new AI tools that deal with spelling problems


Google search has acquired new artificial intelligence tools To decipher the bad spelling codes, Google added a set of new improvements in the “Search On” event, which it will introduce to the basic Google search service in the coming weeks and months, and the changes focus largely on the use of new technologies for artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide better search results to users.

According to the verge, perhaps the most important of them is: the new spell check tool that Google promises will help identify even the most bad spelling queries.

Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Google’s search department, revealed that 15% of Google’s search queries every day are those that Google has never seen before, which means that the company has to work constantly to improve its results.

Part of that is due to poor spelling queries, as Cathy Edwards, Google’s vice president of engineering, points out, as 1 in 10 search queries on Google are misspelled, and Google has always tried to help with the “do you mean” feature that suggests correct spelling.

A huge update will be rolled out by the end of the month, which uses a new spelling algorithm powered by a neural network with 680 million teachers, and runs in less than three milliseconds after each search, and the company promises that it will provide better suggestions for misspelled words.

Google search can now also index individual sections of webpages, instead of just indexing the entire web page. For example, if users search for the phrase “How can I determine if my home windows are UV glass?” Then the new algorithm can find On a single paragraph in the DIY forum to find an answer.

When the algorithm starts appearing next month, it will improve 7% of search queries across all languages ​​according to estimates by Google officials, and the company is also using artificial intelligence to divide the broader searches into subtopics to help provide better results.


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