“Google” removes a “trusted” application from its online store … and announces the date on December 1


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“Google” removes a “trusted” application from its online store … and announces the date on December 1, today Tuesday October 20, 2020 08:33 am


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The American company “Google” decided to remove one of its trusted applications from its online store “Google Play”, and announced an expected date on the first of next December.

A report published on the “Times News Now” website indicated that Google had removed the “Trusted Contacts” application for trusted contacts from the “Google Play” store.

Google also announced that it will remove all technical and technical support from the application on the first of next December.

This application is specialized in organizing each user a group of trusted contacts for him, in order to communicate quickly with them, especially for companies and business owners, but it seems that the company noticed that the application did not enjoy the desired popularity, so it decided to remove it from Google Play and end its technical support.

The “Google” had launched this application in 2016, and at its beginning it enjoyed remarkable popularity, but it could not compete with other similar applications.

Google explained that it is currently focusing on the “Google Maps” application, which provides almost all of these functions.


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