Google announces the new Chromecast and a number of smart devices


Friday, October 2, 2020 05:13 a.m.

A window to the world – The Launch Night In event held by Google recently revealed the new version of Chromecast and a group of distinct and advanced smart devices.

The new device will be launched this year as Chromecast with Google TV, and it comes with an oval structure in primary colors of gray, blue and pink.

It features support for Android TV, 4K HDR image display technologies at 60 frames per second, support for Dolby Vision, in addition to all the technologies that were present in previous Chromecast devices.


This device can connect wirelessly with phones and smart devices via bluetooth or wireless internet networks, and display the contents of these devices on large screens so that users can watch pictures or movies and video clips on the screens, and it can also be controlled wirelessly through a small additional device equipped with special buttons to deal with platforms YouTube and Netflix, as well as its response to voice commands via the Google Assistant, as for its price, it will be only $ 49.9.

During the aforementioned event, Google unveiled the Nest Audio device, which is an advanced version of Google Home’s smart home aid.


This home assistant comes with an elegant rectangular body made of plastic and cloth, equipped with four small LED lights that illuminate when the device interacts with sounds and voice commands.

And Nest Audio can be relied upon to do all the tasks that smart home assistants do, such as listening to music, or using it to read news or incoming messages to smart devices connected to it, or to know weather conditions and traffic congestion on the roads by relying on the Internet.

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