Good news from Microsoft for iPad users .. Office surprise


In a new step to make tablets easier to use, Microsoft has developed an Office suite of software to support the Apple iPad mouse and trackpad.

According to the American programming giant, using the mouse and a trackpad is also suitable for the Apple Magic Keyboard, after the Apple iPad OS officially supported the use of the two units a few months ago.

The mouse and trackpad can be used with Word, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations on Apple iPad tablets.

This update requires changing the shape of the mouse pointer to accommodate new functions, such as selecting text in a word processing program, selecting a group of cells in Excel, moving graphics in PowerPoint, or resizing them.

And Microsoft explained that the mouse cursor on the Apple iPad tablet PCs is currently working in the same way as on desktop computers equipped with Microsoft or Apple Mac OS.

The company has also modified the design of the main screen of the applications, so that the user can quickly find what he wants.

The new look of the applications fits better with the Microsoft Fluent UI, so that the applications are compatible with similar programs on other operating systems.

The user can download the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications for free from the application store directly, but the use of all functions requires paid subscriptions.


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