Giza Zoo prepares to welcome 3 African giraffes .. Read details


The Central Department of Zoos of the General Authority for Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture announced the completion of its preparations inside the Giza Zoo to receive 3 new giraffes within days, after contracting 2 giraffes (female and male) for the zoo from South Africa, and importing giraffes in accordance with international requirements, and from During the exchange programs for endangered animals to solve the problems of congestion or disability in some wild animals.

The Giza Zoo has also completed the new giraffe house, which is one of the most welcoming places for visitors, with the latest design in accordance with international requirements, especially since the giraffe house is loved for children, because of the characteristics of giraffes that are fond of children, because of their large size, which makes them the tallest wild animals and the largest ruminants, and the most prominent characteristics Its neck and legs are very long, and the bony protrusions on its head are similar to the horns, including nine species, and they are spread in Chad, South Africa, Niger and Somalia.

Dr. Mohamed Rajaei, head of the Central Department of Zoos, revealed in statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, that despite the repercussions of the Corona virus crisis, the Giza Zoo administration succeeded in importing 3 giraffes from South Africa that arrived within days, after completing the import approval for 3 giraffes. New ones were contracted, including 2 giraffes, and they were contracted according to the system of exchanging animals for hippos or what is called master cream and a number of water rams, explaining that the import of giraffes is in accordance with international requirements, and through exchange programs for endangered animals to solve problems of overcrowding or disability In some wildlife.

The head of the zoos confirmed that a new house was designed for giraffes other than the house of the female giraffe “Susan”. We looked at because she is old and fearing for the new giraffe whose age does not exceed two to three years, explaining that the import of animals is in accordance with the terms of the General Authority for Veterinary Services and requirements. The International Organization for Animal Health, stressing that the recent period of negotiations and procedures of the park succeeded in importing 3 giraffes from South Africa, to be displayed in the Giza Zoo, and negotiations are underway on further import of the Alexandria Zoo, and the imported giraffe ages from two to three years.

Dr. Maha Saber, director of the Giza Zoo, told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the new giraffe house is located in front of Gate 3 inside the Giza Zoo, next to the Asian camel house, adding that there is an approved health food program for the giraffe “Sonson”, through A mixture of meals throughout the day that includes types of lentils, beans and dry beans with forages and some fruits include apples, oranges, bananas, hay and corn specially grown for them inside the garden to ensure their purity, as well as a set of vitamins, mineral salts, and 24-hour follow-up of the giraffe’s condition “Sawsan” .

The Giza Zoo administration begins rehabilitating a single female giraffe “Sawsan” in her home in preparation for the introduction of the male giraffe coming from South Africa to marry with her, by allocating a team of veterinarians, workers and “clavins” to raise her health efficiency, provide a suitable atmosphere, and get out of the state of sadness. And depression that dominated the last period.


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