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General Saudi Newspapers / Second Addition The Saudi Press Agency


General Saudi newspapers / second addition

Thursday 12/3/1442 AH, corresponding to 10/29/2020 AD, SPA

In the same regard, Al-Youm newspaper talks, entitled (Confronting the pandemic, care and sacrifices) … the efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to address the emerging corona pandemic (Covid 19) this global crisis that is unprecedented in modern history, and the precautionary measures and measures The preventive measures and other sacrifices made by the Kingdom were due to the reassuring results reflected in the numbers of infection and recovery, which were documented by the latest virus statistics and related indicators, which showed a significant decrease in the number of cases in general.
She added: She set a model for the world and won acclaims and history recorded in golden letters as another indication of the state’s ability to face all challenges, and this pandemic that killed lives, affected world economies and disrupted the natural life cycle in the most advanced countries, was just another challenge that the Kingdom faced steadily and surpassed to return. Natural life will soon be in accordance with its new concept, and the dimensions of these efforts can be monitored at the local and international levels, in the Kingdom’s contributions regarding global research to reach a safe vaccine for the virus, and to ensure that it is secured as soon as its effectiveness is fully confirmed.
And she said that when we examine the merits related to the decision of the Council of Ministers, in its regular session that was held via video communication, headed by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Prime Minister, may God protect him, to spend an amount of five hundred thousand riyals to the families of the deceased due to the pandemic ( The new Corona virus), the worker in the governmental or private health sector, whether civilian or military, and Saudi or non-Saudi, provided that this applies as of the date of recording the first infection with (the virus) on 7/7/1441 AH. We are facing a renewed stance on the sacrifice and care that the state gives to health care and those in charge of it, as well as to what is related to the same scene about the Kingdom’s interest in human rights, both the citizen and the resident, in a firm approach to wise leadership from the founding stages until this prosperous and auspicious era.
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