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General / Saudi newspapers / a third and final addition to the Saudi Press Agency


General / Saudi newspapers / third and final addition

Wednesday 20/2/1442 AH corresponding to 07/10/2020 AD, SPA

Al-Youm newspaper explained in its editorial entitled (Women’s Rights .. Reforms and Developments): The care that the Kingdom’s leadership gives to the rights of Saudi women and their roles in society as much as it is a matter that monitors history from its founding stages until this prosperous era. It is an area that has the greatest share. Among the reforms and developments brought about by Vision 2030, this confirms the quantity and quality of the measures taken in this context, including the laws aimed at promoting women’s rights in various fields in order to ensure equality between men and women.
She added that the details contained in the Kingdom’s speech delivered by the member of the Kingdom’s permanent delegation to the United Nations, Secretary Thani Muhammad Khashaan, during the general discussion of the work of the (third) Committee on Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs during the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, in which he referred to the arrival of Saudi women to Decision-making centers in the public and private sectors and that they held important positions as deputy minister, ambassador, university director, and chairman of the boards of a number of companies, and women’s participation in legal fields such as pleading in courts and working in the public prosecution increased.
She indicated that many initiatives aimed at empowering women in the labor market have been launched in all regions of the Kingdom, including the “Qurrah” program to support the hospitality service for the children of working women, the “Wassoul” program to support the transfer of working women, the “self-employment” program and “work for work.” After the »which expands the circle of opportunities to increase women’s income and empower them economically, and the“ wage protection ”program to secure a safe work environment in the private sector, as well as the establishment of the national platform for women leaders and the launch of training programs for women leaders and many other programs and initiatives. The Council of the Human Rights Commission was also reconstituted in 2020, with equal representation in its membership between men and women, in addition to a package of amendments to the bylaws and regulations that support the empowerment of women in the labor market, the most prominent of which was the amendment to the social insurance system to equalize the retirement age between women and men, and the amendment that provided a female employee with a maternity leave with a full salary of 70 days And other adjustments. In addition, a unified organization was issued for the work environment in the private sector establishments, and it set controls for employing male and female workers in all activities.
She concluded: These aforementioned data draw before us the features of the integrated scene of the efforts and care that the state gives to empower women in a way that guarantees their rights and strengthens their roles in the process of national renaissance.
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