Galaxy S21 Series phones may be charged without the charger and headphones


According to the new reports circulating in South Korea, it seems that Samsung intends to follow in the same footsteps as Apple and launch the Galaxy S21 Series phones without including the charger and headphones in its own cases. People familiar with the situation indicate that Samsung is considering excluding all accessories in the cases of its flagship smartphones with the exception of the USB Type-C cable. However, the final decision remains pending.

Samsung used to include wired earphones, a USB cable and charger in the Galaxy S Series phones boxes, right up to the Galaxy S20 Series lineup.

Ditching in-box accessories and using smaller boxes can benefit the environment. However, it may also be said that this decision will benefit Samsung’s profits more than anything else because of saving costs for manufacturing and importing those accessories, as well as attracting additional revenue by selling those accessories separately.

It remains to be seen whether rumors of removing the charger and headphones from the Galaxy S21 Series phones will also affect non-flagship Samsung phones. In general, we will undoubtedly hear more about the Galaxy S21 Series lineup in the coming days and weeks given that it is expected to be announced sooner than usual, and most likely next January.




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