Fun family play in “Crash Bandicoot 4 … It’s About Time”


Creative and fun characters and stages for the whole family … and new features for a variety of playing styles

The novel “Crash Bandicoot” character returns to the world of electronic games after the passage of 22 years since the previous version of the story “Crash Bandicoot: Warped” and the launch of several side games over the years, through the game Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, which offers fun family play.
The game offers many developments in the gameplay, as well as providing impressive graphics and sound levels. And “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” tested the game before its launch in the Arab region, and we will mention the summary of the experience.

Across worlds and times

After defeating him in the third installment of the series, the evil “Oka Oka” tries to free Dr. Neo Cortex and Nefarious Tropy from their imprisonment in the past, tearing the fabric of time and space and causing him to fall into a coma. The two evil doctors run away and leave “Oka Oka” in his place, and discover that the new cosmic hole is a gateway to move between the multiple worlds, and they decide to occupy all worlds by building a reactor that can open new cracks in time and space, using two evil doctors, N Gin and Nitrus Brio to prepare an army for an occupation Those worlds.
However, “Aku Aku”, the twin brother of “Oka Oka” and the protector of “Wumba” and the role model of “Crash”, senses the turmoil of time and place and rushes to seek help from “Crash”. Upon reaching the summit of Mount N Sanity Island, he finds one of 4 ancient Quantum Masks that have great time and space control capabilities, which only appear when portals are opened across multiple worlds. “Crash” and his sister “Coco” agree to embark on an adventure across several worlds to find other special masks, and fix problems created by villains across ages and different worlds.
And meet «Crash» and his sister with different personalities across the worlds, including their friend «Towna» Towna, who offers them help during her adventure of her own. Meanwhile, the character “Dingodile” (a character who retired from the world of evil and decided to open a restaurant of her own) finds herself facing the bad guys after they burned the restaurant and moved it to another dimension. Although this character does not interact with “Crash” directly at first, her actions will affect the adventure of “Crash” and his sister through different worlds and times.
And “Crash” finds himself faced with a big dilemma; Where the evil doctor “In Tropy” decided to rearrange the multiple worlds and remove “Crash” and his sister and the special masks from them completely. “Crash” unites with a group of enemies whose names we will not remember and leave them for the players to discover by themselves, to form a team of diverse capabilities to rearrange the universe and each to his world and his time. But the fundamental question is; Can the villains who allied with Crash not break their promise?

Fun game advantages

The game puts 5 characters within reach of the player’s hand during their journey through time and space in multiple worlds, and offers two game modes; The first is the classic that offers a limited number of attempts after losing, while the modern mode allows the player to try again without restrictions, but it will display the number of times the player has lost each stage, in order to develop his game mechanism after the completion of each stage.
The game offers two different versions of the stages with different risks and enemies, the story version and the parallel time version. The version of the story focuses on controlling the characters “Crash” and “Coco” with their similar movements, which can be used by special masks that can be found during the course of the game with special powers to move and interact with obstacles in innovative ways, such as removing obstacles from existence or returning them to it.
As for the second version, it focuses on controlling the characters of Dr. “New Cortex”, “Dungudail” and “Tauna”, who offer different abilities to overcome obstacles and complete stages. The character of Dr. “New Cortex” can use a special ray gun to turn enemies into platforms, “the fixed ones, and the ones that increase the height of the jumps” and can be used to bypass obstacles, while the character “Dengodale” uses a pistol to create a vacuum that absorbs enemies and obstacles towards it or absorbs enemy shots and controls With it, with the use of “Tauna” as a hook to strike enemies from a distance, as well as using some of the abilities of “Crash” and “Coco”.
The stages present a collection of visible and hidden gems that can be collected. And if the player collects all the gems, he will get new clothes for “Crash” and “Coco” that can be exchanged at any time within the game. You can also collect old VHS records in stages to unlock some additional classic stages that take place before the first installment of the game.
The stages can be moved through a map on the game world screen, in addition to providing a special style of play called N Verted that reflects the stages and provides unique features in it, including flooding the stage with water, or converting the stage to a black and white drawing, which must be added to the colors through the course of the game.

Technical specifications

The game’s graphics are very beautiful and colorful, and the graphics are smooth and full of cute and cute animations. Enemy designs bring smiles, while providing dazzling visual effects that exploit the capabilities of gaming devices and dazzle players. Players will love the stage designs and characters, especially the parallel versions of the stages that introduce changes to the designs. The game’s music is exciting and brings energy to the players, which may make some of them enthusiastic and take great risks when jumping between platforms, which are funny moments full of fun times for all family members.

Information about the game

> The programmed company: «Toys for Bob»
The publisher: Activision
> The game’s website:
> Type of game: Platforming
> Players: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Launch date: 10-2020
ESRB Rating: For all 10+ years old, «E 10+»
Support for team play: Yes


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