France is preparing to impose a quarantine according to regions due to the high number of Corona injuries


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French Prime Minister Jean Castex did not rule out imposing a quarantine by regions to contain the outbreak of the Corona virus. Castex’s statements he made to Radio France Info come at a time when many French cities are witnessing an unprecedented increase in Coronavirus infections.

On Monday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the possibility of imposing a quarantine according to regions, to stop the spread of the Corona virus, while ruling out the need at the present time for a complete lockdown in all countries.

He said in an interview with “France Info”: “The re-imposition of a comprehensive quarantine must be avoided by all means.” But he added, “Nothing should be excluded …”

As for limiting gatherings in private spaces, Jean Castex stressed that this “is not legally possible,” but he called on the French to be careful and respect preventive measures.

“We can make a difference if all of us join forces,” the French Prime Minister said.


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