Former Saudi intelligence chief: The Palestinians have missed many opportunities


10:26 PM

Tuesday 06 October 2020


Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former head of Saudi intelligence, revealed several initiatives made by Saudi Arabia to persuade the US administration during the era of President Carter and Reagan to recognize the Palestinian Authority and deal with it diplomatically, despite US officials ’opposition, and revealed the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat’s elusiveness in accepting these initiatives.

The former head of Saudi intelligence said, in his interview in the second part of his documentary “With Bandar bin Sultan,” which was broadcast on the Saudi satellite channel Al-Arabiya, Tuesday evening, that US President Jimmy Crater prepared in 1977 to recognize the PLO and open an office for it and meet American diplomats with Palestinian officials, in return for the organization to recognize resolutions 242 and 338, and the declaration that all countries in the region have the right to live in peace and security.

He continued his speech, saying that King Fahd met Abu Ammar at the time in Taif and offered him the initiative, which as soon as he heard it, he danced and chanted “Palestine is liberated.” King Fahd replied to him, saying, “We are still at the beginning.”

He confirmed that the late Palestinian president asked King Fahd to go to Kuwait to consult with the Palestinian leaders there, and to return on the second day, despite King Fahd’s attempt to persuade him to quickly agree, but Abu Ammar insisted on traveling to Kuwait, adding that he borrowed the intelligence chief’s plane to travel to Kuwait.

He added that after his travel to Kuwait, we waited for his return for 5 days without a response from him, while the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia intensified his contacts, stressing that his country was waiting for the Palestinian response, noting that all Carter’s advisers did not agree, but the president insisted after giving his speech.

He continued his speech, saying: “We received a written response from Yasser Arafat to King Fahd within 10 days, with thanks and appreciation, and attached to it an official letter signed by President Carter, and in which there are 10 conditions on the United States in return for the approval of the Palestinians.”

He explained that officials suggested to the Saudi king at the time to deliver the letter to the United States, but he refused, reasoning that “if we hand this over to them, it will leak to everyone, the Congress and the media, and everyone will rise against Palestine, and make matters worse.”

He emphasized that King Fahd decided to keep the speech and write a letter from him to President Carter that the Saudi government studied the offer and thought about it and we were not convinced, and therefore we did not hand it over to the Palestinians. In an attempt not to hold the Palestinian leaderships responsible for failure, which has been repeated over and over again in several initiatives.


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