For this reason, Najla Fathy was banned from attending Mahmoud Yassin’s funeral


Press reports revealed that the Egyptian actress, Mu’tazilaFamous, Egyptian actress bannedNajlaa fat’heFrom attending the mourning of her husband, the late Egyptian actorMahmoud Yassin​.
The information stated that Najla called Ibn Mahmoud Yassin to console him, and told him that she wanted to visit the family at home to console them, but Shahira advised her not to come.
Shahira’s refusal to visit Najla comes out of concern for her health, because she suffers from a deficiency of immunity, which makes her more vulnerable to infection withCorona Virus​.
Najla seemed to be very affected by Mahmoud’s death, especially since he was close to her. He participated in many successful films, including “Al-Sharida”, “Remember Me”, “A Journey of Forgetting”, “Love Is Sweeter than Love”, “Sonia and Majnun” and “Al-Atefa” And flesh. “


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