For the first time on Arab screens .. the series “Feathers Fly in the Sky” on TeN 1st November


Tuesday 27 October 2020 12:02 a.m.

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“Can love succeed in changing reality?” … The TeN TV audience is on a date with one of the most important dramatic stories, starting on November 1, by watching the Chinese series “Feathers Fly in the Sky”, in a premiere on Egyptian screens.

The events of the series revolve around an orphan infant found in a basket in the middle of the snow, and the villagers found him in the village of “Ching Ya”, and no one thought that this infant would become the “feathered” man, who would actually take them to heaven by virtue of his clever trade and transactions that generate great profit for the people The village after suffering want and need, to become a village legend, in one of the most important local dramatic stories.

The series smoothly narrates the journey of the feathered man “Chen Liang”, across China, to meet by chance “Lu Yuzhu” the love of his life, for the audience to follow how the love affair that the two parties stuck to in the making of glory later and won the trust of consumers and the entire market.

The series stars Zhang Yi, who embodies the character “Chen Liang”, and between Tao who embodies the character “Luo Yuzhu”, Zero Tao who embodies the character of “Chen Jinshui”, and Jiang Tianning who embodies the character of “Qiu Yan”.

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Source: Al-Masry Al-Youm


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