For computer users … what is the difference between CPU, GPU, and APU?


There are many components in a computer, which includes a computer processor, image processor, etc., but there are many people confuse the CPU, GPU, and APU, and below we show what each of them refers to as follows:

CPU It is an acronym for the word Central Processing Unit, which is the central processing unit, and the mastermind of the computer. In the early days of computers, the central processing unit was distributed on several separate chips, but in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs, these chips were contained by a template or chip. One, and is named after Microprocessor or MicroProcessors.

The central processor is responsible for computing operations in the computer, as the instructions in the RAM are sent to it, and this routine method of how the system works often passes through three different stages, the first stage is known as fetch or we call it Fetch and the second stage is coding And the last stage is implementation or Execution, which basically means receiving the inputs and working to understand what they are, then creating the outputs in the form of the required results for the rest of the computer hardware components.

GPU graphics processing unit

Despite the amazing development in the performance of the central processor, it still maintains some weaknesses, and the most important of these points is the graphics, as the central processor receives instructions and works on them in linear steps, while the graphic processing unit requires a huge amount of data that must be processed And work on them all simultaneously and at the same time.

So, the role of the graphic processing unit or the screen card is that it takes over the responsibility of working on the complex graphic data and removing the heavy burden from the central processor, and most desktop and laptop computers come with a CPU and a separate graphic processing unit (GPU).


To reduce the physical size of electronic chips and manufacturing costs, manufacturers have found a smart way to integrate all basic electronic components into a single single chip. The structure of these chips is what is known as SoC, short for Silicon-On-a-Chip. One, which led to the development of computers and smartphones at low costs.

But before the Sillico-On-Chip chip there was an APU or Accelerated Processing Unit, which combined the GPU and the central processor into a single chip. These integrated GPUs were designed by AMD, and the company called them accelerated processors or APUs.

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