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Nutritionists, two Spanish doctors, Sandra Baqueira and Alvaro Sanchez, announced that those suffering from headaches should refrain from eating some types of cheeses, citrus fruits, and other materials and drinks.

La Vanguardia points out that, according to the two doctors, there are many different factors that cause headaches. As a rule, it can improve the general health condition. “

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Avoid these types of food

And the experts add, for example, when you headache, you should refrain from eating blue cheeses, because they contain a large amount of histamine derived from the amino acid histidine. For the same reason, you should not eat or limit citrus fruits, as they are also rich in histamine and have a vasodilating effect.

According to them, coffee can cause headaches as well. Drinking 3-4 cups or more of a caffeinated drink can cause headaches in people who periodically suffer from migraines, and at the same time, reducing the amount of caffeine can cause them headaches as well.

The experts point out that, because avocados contain a high content of histamine, those who suffer from headaches should refrain from eating them, despite the fact that it contains a high percentage of fatty acids beneficial to the heart.

Sanchez adds, red wine also contains a large amount of histamine. Therefore, if a person suffers from periodic headaches, he should refrain from eating them permanently. Generally speaking, all alcoholic drinks cause headaches.

For her part, Bakira says, processed meats (sausages and others) contain a large amount of histamine in addition to a high percentage of saturated fats. Therefore, it is advised to give up eating it too.

According to them, in general, a person suffering from headaches should eat food every three hours as much as possible, “because the level of glucose in the blood drops when we do not eat for a long time, which may cause headaches as well. Frequent snacks also allow to reduce the burden on the stomach.” .

Source: Novosti


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