First photos of Daniela Rahma and Mutasem Al Nahar from DNA!


Eagle Films / Jamal Sinan published the first photos of the Syrian actor Mutasim Al-Nahar And the Lebanese actress Daniela Rahma One of the scenes in the DNA series produced by the company, which consists of 10 episodes, will soon be shown, directed by Al-Muthanna Al-Sobh and written by Reem Hanna.

The work brings together Daniela and Moatassem for the first time, and presents a very strange social story, which is inspired by a true story that one day occupied world public opinion, in a dramatic and exciting format full of excitement and action.
On their part, Mutassim and Daniela posted a picture of them through their account in “Instagram” and commented on it: “What will we do together?”

The cast includes star Ammar Shalak, actress Sasha Dahdouh, actor Wissam Saad, and others.

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