Fines face private lessons and demands to double them, the right of parents – across the Emirates – to teach


Educators emphasized that the violations imposed by the Federal Public Prosecution on those who practice the activity of private lessons will reduce the size of the phenomenon, which has reappeared strongly, after the application of the distance learning system, and contribute to countering its incursion again into the educational community, with all the risks it carries, It goes beyond draining pockets to exposing students to the risk of infection with the Coronavirus, considering parents as partners in breaking the law, demanding double fines against them, and urging them to stop sending their children to private tutoring dealers.

They said: “The teachers who give private lessons should stop doing so to avoid exposing them to legal accountability, and to preserve their status as educators, pointing out that the tendency to give this type of lessons reduces the prestige and respect of the teacher in the eyes of his students and their families.”

On the other hand, teachers stand with the demands of restructuring their wages, stressing that the pandemic has raised the demand for private teachers in a remarkable way, while the teacher is concerned with raising his monthly income without considering the risks, which may result from this as a result of his contact with a large number, and the possibility of transmitting infection in this case is possible This makes private lessons a threat to public health and safety.


In detail, Moza Al-Shoumi, Vice President of the Emirates Association for Child Protection, said that they welcomed the violations imposed by the Federal Public Prosecution as they constitute a protection fence for children in homes in light of the (Covid 19) crisis, pointing to their appeal with the beginning of the application of distance learning to put an end to the phenomenon of private lessons, To ensure that the student is protected from all health, psychological and moral damages, as teachers, whether those who move to student homes or who come to their homes, pose a mobile health threat because they mix with a large number of families and students, and the private teacher becomes a “itinerant carrier of disease” being He enters many homes, and deals with groups of students, which exposes students to danger, a violation for which the law will be held accountable.

Al-Shoumi believes that the guardian is the main culprit, for his lack of awareness and lack of awareness of the grave dangers sends his son to the teacher without taking into account the seriousness of transmitting the disease in addition to several negatives, such as parents’ distancing from following their children’s academic studies and the child learning to depend on the presence of a teacher, and indifference in the school of what turns him into Dependent student.

Alia Al Shamsi, a monitoring expert at the Sharjah Private Education Authority, believes that the support of parents to the decision is essential, noting that compliance and non-dealing with this group contributes to surrounding the risks of the phenomenon, which goes beyond the destruction of educational systems to health risks, due to the repercussions of the Corona virus, to In addition to the fears of students being exposed to harassment and exploitation in all its forms, and I mentioned that the duty to confront this scourge bears the characteristic of the utmost necessity and the national character, so supporting the sovereign decisions and preserving the efforts made by educational institutions in the country is in the interest of the state, stressing that the current education system is the phrase It is about a group of knowledge that the student acquires and not preservative information, for all dependence is on the student’s abilities in investigating knowledge, research and thinking, and we have to leave him to perform this role so that he will grow up able to perform what is required of him, and is not dependent on him who might find his own tutor to fulfill his assignments on him.

Amal Zaid Nasser, Head of Academic Affairs Unit at Al-Majd Model School, called for concerted efforts between the parties to the educational process, namely “the family, the teacher, the state”, to confront the phenomenon of private lessons, pointing to the efforts and measures that have been taken by the concerned authorities in the state to besiege the pest and implement them Important steps towards educational development, including the selection of qualified personnel and professional license holders.

She touched on the new examination system and its important role in amputating the lesion, through which it motivates the student to search for information, understanding and critical and creative thinking, away from preservation and indoctrination, especially in light of the reality imposed by the Corona crisis.

She stressed the issue of awareness-raising aimed at parents to avoid them falling prey to lessons that drain their money, in addition to their enlightening that what they are doing is illegal, and they must rely on the educational platforms and lessons provided by the Ministry and schools, stressing that cooperation and solidarity is the only way to eliminate the epidemic The private lesson, which spread to homes.

For her part, teacher Naameh Al Habsi warned parents against falling into the trap of private lessons, asking those who need help with some subjects to go to the right channels, especially as the Ministry of Education covers through virtual classes, remedial classes, reviewing the subject teacher and using him as well.

She called for the guardian to be the link with the school and work together, considering cooperation to be the gateway to development and progress, since the educational process is primarily a participatory process, noting that resorting to private lessons is a twisted and illegal method and does not bear fruit at all.

Lawyer and legal advisor, Saeed Al-Sharmi asserted that violating the Ministry of Education’s decision to prohibit all forms of remedial lessons, which are offered to male and female students “private lessons by direct meeting”, puts the teacher and students under the updated regulation for controlling violations and administrative penalties issued by the Cabinet’s decision, to limit From the spread of the Corona virus,

Al-Sharmi pointed out that according to the “updated” schedule of violations and fines – issued by the State Attorney General Decision No. (38) for the year 2020 and amended by Resolution (54) for the year 2020, the offense of practicing private teaching activity (private lessons) by presenting it through direct contact (personal meeting) In public or private places or home visits for a fee or without charge, for all educational levels, or permitting, organizing, or mediating in them – it is 30 thousand dirhams for the person in charge of providing, organizing or mediating them, and 20 thousand dirhams for the person in charge of private places, who allowed to provide them Or organize it.


Legal advisor Ayham al-Maghribi said that if the teacher was infected and was aware of this, it would inevitably lead to the transmission of infection to the student who is studying, and according to the law on combating communicable diseases, this act is considered a crime, as Article 33 stipulates “for the injured upon knowledge of his illness Among the diseases listed in Schedule No. (1) attached to this law is adherence to preventive measures, implementation of medical prescriptions, and compliance with the instructions given to him, with the aim of preventing the transmission of infection to others. ”Article 38 of the same law stipulates the penalty prescribed for this act,“ Anyone who violates Any provision of the provisions of Clauses (1 and 2) of Article (31) and Articles (32) and (33) of this law, with imprisonment, and a fine of not less than ten thousand dirhams, and not exceeding fifty thousand dirhams, or one of these two penalties. ”

Faisal Mahmoud Al Ali, a social worker, called on parents to show responsibility, and take their educational and educational role, by cutting off the road to this group of beneficiaries, which is only concerned with the material, indicating that the current circumstances necessitate that parents be careful because the risk of infection with “Corona” as a result of exposing the student to The environment where the contact rate is high due to the teacher’s movement in more than one house.

Article 34

Legal advisor Ayham al-Maghribi said: “If the head of the family knows the presence of the virus among his family members, and allows the private teacher to enter his home and mix with them, then this act is intended to transmit the disease to the private teacher, who in turn will transfer it to another house, according to Article 34 of The Communicable Diseases Control Law “It is prohibited for any person knowing that he suffers from one of the diseases listed in Table 1 attached to this law, intentionally engaging in any behavior that results in transmitting the disease to others.” Article 39 of the same law stipulates the prescribed punishment for this act “Whoever violates the provisions of Article 34 of this law shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years and a fine not less than fifty thousand dirhams and not exceeding one hundred thousand dirhams, or either of these two punishments, and in the case of recurrence, the prison sentence shall be doubled.”



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