Finally … “Apple” launches 4 phones with “unprecedented” capabilities


The new phones are the “iPhone 12” at a price starting at $ 799, the “iPhone 12 Pro” starting at $ 999, the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” starting at 1099, and the iPhone 12 mini at a starting price of $ 699.

Combat “IPhone 12The new five-color, green, red, blue, white and black, with a 6.1-inch screen of “OLED” that is thinner than the previous one, with smaller edges and higher illumination.

As for the “iPhone 12 Pro Max”, it comes with a screen size of 6.7 inches, which is the largest ever for this type of phone since its release, while the “iPhone 12 Pro” is issued with a screen size of 6.1 inches, and the “iPhone 12 mini” with a screen of 5.4 inches.

“Apple” said that the device’s processor will be 50 percent faster than any other phone, knowing that pre-order will be launched on Friday, while new devices will start selling at distribution outlets on October 23, with the delay of “Mini” and “Max” for about two weeks.

The company CEO confirmed Tim Cook, That the fifth generation networks will give the new “iPhone” users faster speeds and more security.

Apple’s announcement of its new phones was delayed by a month, and the Cupertino conference was held in California, at a time when the Corona virus pandemic affected the company’s delicate system.

The new iPhones will test whether Apple is able to continue to succeed and benefit from consumers ’enthusiasm for 5G networks that are far faster than their predecessors.


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