“FIFA” determines the conditions for the participation of players in the World Cup qualifiers in South America – sports – international stadiums


FIFA has set the conditions for players’ participation in the World Cup qualifiers in South America, which starts next week, amid fears of an increase in infections with the Coronavirus.

Last month, the Confederation of South America, “CONMEBOL”, announced the launch of the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in October, and that it had obtained the approval of “FIFA”.

Many players belonging to European clubs are participating in the qualifiers, including Lionel Messi, the Barcelona striker, and Brazilian Neymar, the Paris Saint-Germain player.

FIFA said on Thursday that the usual regulations would be applied, but with exceptions.

The “FIFA” clarified that players should be exempted from the quarantine rules in the countries in which they will play the qualifying matches and in the countries that host their clubs.

Clubs will have the right not to leave their players if the quarantine period extends for five days or more upon their arrival in those countries.

FIFA added: “FIFA, together with the continental and national federations, will continue to monitor the situation with regard to travel and quarantine policies related to each country in the upcoming international matches.”

South American countries agreed to cancel the quarantine in the last three weeks in order to hold the Copa Libertadores matches.

European countries cooperated to hold the UEFA matches.

But it is not clear whether European countries will agree to grant exceptions to players returning from South America or not.

The South American qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup begin on October 8 with three matches, which are Paraguay against Peru, Uruguay against Chile, and Argentina against Ecuador, while Colombia will play Venezuela and Brazil against Bolivia the next day.

The second round will take place on October 13th.



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