Fatal administrative mistakes … Why did the protests of the Saudi clubs lose their strength?


The protests have become the peg for Saudi clubs in all tournaments.

The recent protest of the Saudi Al-Nasr Club to the AFC, against the Iranian club Persepolis, was not the first, but in recent years we have followed many protests from Saudi clubs to the AFC or even the local federation, and these protests are always rejected.

The frequent protests of Saudi clubs, making this word just a regular thing with any team stumbling, just like any excuse made by the coach to talk about the defeat of his team or anything negative in the team, or what everyone describes as a “peg.”

This word has lost its strength with the observer before the one who is competent to consider it, due to its frequent occurrence by officials of Saudi clubs, and this does not mean that the protest is not the right of these clubs, but there are some things that must be considered.

The downside in this matter is that Saudi clubs do not benefit from past experiences, but what we find is the repetition of mistakes without looking at the reasons for rejecting and avoiding protests, and not taking a legal step except in one case, which is to ensure the strength of the club’s position.

The matter that calls for studying is that some clubs lose issues that they have a right to, and on the other hand, some clubs escalate cases that have no basis for their rights, which indicates a lack of experience and the lack of specialists directing these cases either by escalation or by not protesting at all.

There is a very important aspect in this case, which is the media and social media, which move many departments in such cases, as we find sports councils and programs hosting a legal expert or a former player in a team, and it dictates that the team management act in this matter, without full knowledge. On the position of the team and its eligibility in this protest.

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All clubs must review their legal affairs well, and study their position well before submitting any protest to any federation, whether continental or local, because the large number of protests leads to the weak position of those clubs, meaning that all clubs must not file protests unless it is certain that The strength of their position.

The reputation of the Saudi clubs in the AFC has now become a protest against everything, and the rejection of these protests may be due to the knowledge of the Confederation officials that Saudi clubs will surrender and will not escalate the matter, and thus the rejection may come without thinking.


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