Farah Al-Hadi shocked her followers by announcing that she had a “tumor”


Kuwaiti fascinist published Farah Al-Hadi A video clip of her on her account on the “Snapchat” application, through which she announced that she had a tumor.

و .شارت Farah Al-Hadi Until she discovered that after going through a period of fatigue that lasted for a month and a half, she did not pay her any attention at first, considering what she feels as mere obsessive, before finally deciding to go to the doctor and conduct the necessary tests.

She said: “I did not care about my health and did not focus and continued because my life was full of work. After two weeks passed, I felt that I had to go to the doctor to get an examination, because it became not just an obsession, and all this is with myself and I did not like that I tell anyone .. I did not like that someone distracts me.

و .ضافت Farah Al-Hadi After she underwent the tests, she found a tumor, but it was benign. She said: “I lived with these circumstances with my soul. I did not want to know anyone and did a full examination with the doctor. benign tumor ” .

In her comment on the video, she wrote: “My love, praise be to God benign tumor The doctor and Sotley assured me of all the tests, and she told me that this is normal and it has no harm, and it is money that I need to remove it .. Sleep, do not talk.

Followers interacted on the video, which was circulated on a number of Instagram accounts, who were divided into two teams … a sympathetic team wishing her safety and recovery … and a team accusing her of inventing this story in order to attract the lights after her attention shifted from her.


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