Fake iPhones Warning


Many resort to buying phones from the offers they see on social media, which exposes them to falling into the trap of fraud.

As sales of e-commerce platforms increase during the holiday season, the chances of dissatisfaction with the product being purchased increase in the midst of the huge discounts that companies adopt to drive their sales.

But some customers complain of being a victim of fraud, such as the two Indian customers who announced on social media that they were caught in the window of fake sellers on well-known platforms such as “Amazon-India” and “Flipkart”.

The two said separately that they connected to two fake Apple phones.

In the first case, Bhavi Sharma posted a video on YouTube that he claimed had received a fake product.

He confirmed that he had requested a “iPhone 11 Pro” device from “Flipkart” during the sale at discounts during “Big Bellin Day”

He confirmed that a Flipkart representative refused to receive his device after testing and said it was not valid for return.

Another buyer, who called himself “Rav”, asked for an iPhone 11 from Amazon during a sale on the occasion of what is known as the Great India Festival, and said in a video he also posted on YouTube that he had received a fake phone.

According to local media, the buyer had submitted a return request, but the person who delivered the delivery refused to receive it.

According to Agence France-Presse, “Apple”, which appears to have not been affected by the closure conditions that accompanied the spread of the Corona virus around the world, recorded a business figure of $ 60 billion (an increase of 11 percent), and more than $ 11 billion net profit, that is, more than Two billion more than expected.

And “Amazon” also recorded record results. Its financial director, Brian Olsavsky, said last July, “Our revenues in the second quarter were higher than the revenues of the fourth quarter (last year),” that is, in the holiday season, “which is unprecedented.”


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