“Fake iPhones” … Check your online purchases so you don’t fall victim to fraud


“Fake iPhones”… Check your online purchases so you don’t fall victim to fraud

Facebook asked New York University to complete a research project on its practices regarding targeted political ads under the pretext of violating the platform’s rules by collecting data on its users.

“A week ago, Facebook sent me a message asking us to withdraw the (Ad Observer) and delete our data,” Laura Adelson, a researcher at Ad Observer University at New York University, said on Twitter.

Days before the US presidential election scheduled for November 3, Facebook’s emergence is under scrutiny following criticism of its role in campaigns and the way various political groups use their behavior on Facebook to influence voters.

“The public has a right to know the method used to direct political advertisements, and therefore has not responded to this request,” said Laura Adelson.

Facebook users can add the “Ad-Observer” feature to their web surfers, which allows them to copy the ads that appear in front of them through “Facebook” and include them in a list of general data, for the purposes of transparency and the search for advertising training tools for users.

“We reported months ago to NYU that a data collection project on Facebook violated our rules,” replied a spokesperson for the giant network, Joe Osborne.

“Our advertising library, which is viewed by two million people every month, including New York University, provides greater transparency on political advertisements than television, radio and any other digital platform,” he added.

After accusations of extremely permissive behavior, the US giant a year ago tightened its rules for political advertising, including in particular preventing attempts to undermine the electoral process, racist statements or any xenophobia.

New political ads will not be allowed on Facebook platforms in the week leading up to the election, and all ads related to social or political issues will be banned in the United States when the polls close on Tuesday, November.


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