Facebook launches a cloud gaming service


Facebook launched the cloud gaming service Facebook Gaming on the website, and its application on the Android system, declaring that it is unable to offer games on iOS due to Apple’s “arbitrary” policies.

Facebook web and Android users can try free games in seconds without leaving the social network. Users play games installed in Facebook’s data centers without having to download them to their devices. The idea is similar to the services provided by Microsoft and Google, but without the advanced games for the gaming platforms that these services provide.

The exclusion of Apple devices from Facebook’s cloud gaming service is the latest in the long-running dispute between Facebook and Apple.

Last August, Facebook launched the Facebook Gaming app via the App Store, six months after trying to convince Apple to agree to it.


Facebook said at the time: It had responded to Apple’s demands to change its gaming application, so that it could be distributed to users of iPhone smartphones and iPads, starting from August 7. To comply with Apple’s rules, which bans applications if their “main goal” is to distribute programs such as games, the social network said: It has completely removed playable games from its new application.

Facebook said: Apple used its power over the App Store to force it to transform the Facebook Gaming app into a minimal experience for iPhone and iPad owners. In addition to the playable games, the original version of the app allows users to watch, live broadcast and participate in gaming communities.

Games are Apple’s largest source of revenue in the App Store, and several technology executives have concluded that Apple is banning gaming services that could compete with its products and sales.

It is believed that the debate between the Silicon Valley companies reveals the extent of the competition between them, as while Facebook runs the largest social networking network in the world, and owns many popular applications, such as: Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, Apple controls its distribution through its application store. This makes the company dependent on Apple to reach its many users.

And Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, expressed his consternation at the power possessed by Apple, albeit indirectly. In testimony to Congress earlier on competing with the company, Zuckerberg said: “Some of them are rookies, but others are guards with the ability to allow or prevent us from launching our apps in their app stores to compete with them.”


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