“Facebook” is strongly entering the world of “games” through a specific type of device – Al-Manar Channel Website – Lebanon


International press reports revealed that the American “Facebook” company decided to enter strongly in the world of games, but will focus its activities on a certain type of smart device.

The report, published on the “GSM Arena” technical website, indicated that Facebook will launch a game broadcasting service, but it will focus only on free mobile games.

Facebook, like its competitors in this field, will not launch games that combine personal computers, laptops and smartphones.

The new service from Facebook offers games that can be played immediately without the need to download or install the game on your phone, all the user has to choose the game and click on it and enjoy playing

Also, all the games through the new “Facebook Games” platform will be compatible with working on smartphones as it supports touch screens and so on.

Facebook said that the cloud gaming service is currently being launched with free games, and it could expand in the future to include paid games, and allow you to hide your real name or picture, when starting to try new games, and use a new name and a new avatar intended for play only.

And “Facebook Games” contracted with various famous companies to include its games, and indeed it was able to obtain the services of a number of famous games such as: “Asphalt 9: Legends”, and “Dirt Pike Anchand”.

This service from Facebook will not work on the “iOS” operating system or “iPhone” phones, and will only work on phones running the “Android operating system” due to the refusal of “Apple” to include playable ads and that platform on its devices.

Source: Sputnik


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