European hospitals face “collapse” due to the Corona “tsunami”


Hospital systems throughout European countries are in danger of collapsing under the weight of the increasing number of people infected with the Coronavirus, which has been likened to a tsunami.

The increasing number of people infected with the Coronavirus that causes the Covid-19 epidemic puts the old continent again in the furnace of the global epidemic and burdens hospitals.

After the steady increase in cases of infection, despite being largely controlled by unprecedented public isolation in March and April, the authorities of European countries, from Poland in the east to Portugal in the west, expressed their growing concern about the grinding crisis facing the health infrastructure.

After the Belgian Minister of Health described the current wave of injuries as something like a “tsunami”, Brussels decided to postpone all surgeries and unnecessary medical intervention.

It appears that other countries are moving to take similar measures, especially those where cases are increasing rapidly, according to Reuters.

Adding to the complexity of the problem, the epidemic appears to have exhausted medical workers and its terrifying economic effects have eliminated popular support for the general isolation measures imposed this year to relieve the tremendous pressure on health services.


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