Emirates News Agency – The shares of “Sawaeed Holding” are listed for trading on “Abu Dhabi Securities” on October 25th


ABU DHABI, October 19, WAM – Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange announced the listing of the shares of “Sawaeed Holding” for trading in the Second Market, as of Sunday, October 25, 2020.

The market confirmed – in a circular issued today – that trading in the shares of “Sawaeed Holding” company will be suspended outside the trading halls as of the date of its listing, indicating that any trading on its shares outside the market as of that date is considered invalid, and the transfer and transfer of ownership of the shares will not take place. Resulting from these processes.

The market demanded that all the competent departments implement the decision, each within its jurisdiction, and circulated it to the concerned companies and the author of the approved brokerage.

It is noteworthy that the “Sawaeed Holding” company was established in 2018 in Abu Dhabi, and it manages a group of multi-invested companies that carry out their activities and work in several vital areas, including investment and establishment of real estate projects, commercial projects, company management services and private institutions .. It includes under its umbrella / 7 / subsidiary companies. : Sawaeed for Employment, Sawaeed Investment, Sawaeed for Facilities Management, Sawaeed Training Center, Takatof for Employment, Sawaeed Al Naba’a for Facilities Management, Sawaeed Al Naba’a for catering services.

WAM / Nasser Aref / Mustafa Badr Al-Din


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