Emirates News Agency – Shuaa Capital launches a $ 200 million “Imposition Funding Fund”


DUBAI, 11th October, WAM – Shuaa Capital announced the launch of the “Shuaa Fund for Opportunities Financing”, worth 200 million dollars (734 million dirhams), which aims to finance investment in companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

The fund was established on December 29, 2020, and during the last period it succeeded in attracting a total of $ 68 million from multiple investors.

The main objective of the Shuaa Opportunities Fund is to achieve a return while preserving the capital, through targeted investments of a strategic nature in the field of major financing, mezzanine financing and standardized financing in compliance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia law for institutions and companies operating in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, which is a closed fund specific Its term is four years.

The “Shuaa Opportunities Fund” is the fourth fund to be announced in 2020.

“The opportunities available in the current market environment include short-term recapitalization, capital development financing, short-term fixed-purpose loans, in addition to acquisition financing,” said Jassim Al-Siddiqi, CEO of Shuaa Capital.

He added, “The investment team at Shuaa has identified many needs for this type and level of project financing operations in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, and this team looks forward to providing them with innovative alternative investments, including last-stage financing.”

He explained, “We look forward to helping complete these major projects and continuing to support their future goals as our economy moves into a recovery phase.

Mustafa Khuraiba, Executive Vice President and Head of Asset Management at Shuaa Capital, confirmed that the fund aims to achieve moderate returns in the private debt markets in accordance with strict coverage criteria to ensure that investors are protected from any negative shifts.

The list of investors in the “Shuaa Opportunities Fund for Financing Fund” is expected to include a number of regional and international limited liability partners, including regional non-bank financial institutions, family offices, investment companies, and qualified high net worth individuals.

WAM / Nasser Aref / Reda Abdel Nour


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