Emirates Flight Catering reduces food waste by 35%


Dubai: “The Gulf”

On the occasion of World Food Day, “Emirates Aircraft Catering”, which is one of the largest airline catering companies in the world, revealed its cooperation with “Winnow” to adopt a new advanced solution for managing food waste in its advanced catering facilities. This environmental initiative will contribute to reducing waste by 35%. It will also allow the company, through artificial intelligence and machine learning, to monitor and control waste automatically, for the benefit of customers, individuals and communities.
Saeed Mohammed, CEO of Emirates Flight Catering, said: “We are committed to investing in the best technologies to improve our operations and reduce our environmental footprint. Food waste management is of the utmost importance to us, and we have achieved good results in this area by improving data collection and reporting. Technology-enabled new ways of working will allow us to take us to the next level and enhance operational efficiency. We are now looking forward to achieving our ambitious goals of reducing food waste by more than a third through our centralized operations. ”
WinoNo CEO and co-founder, Mark Zorn, expressed his happiness in cooperating with the UAE to supply aircraft and support its efforts to reduce food waste by 35%. “Food waste has become a global problem that must be addressed urgently to limit its impact on climate change,” he said. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in reducing food waste that can be avoided, and our partnership with the UAE to supply aircraft is evidence of the importance of this technology for catering service providers, given its positive impact on people and our planet. ”
About a third of the food in the world turns into waste, and the UAE is committed to catering to planes to reduce this by launching a number of initiatives.


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