Elisa and Nancy Ajram What kind and secret of their relationship?


We always hear and read questions about the relationship of Lebanese stars Elissa and Nancy Ajram.

Through (social media), and outside the communication sites, which constitute an attractive platform for human relations that are already fake, that is, wherever we go and how we browse.

The questions are many in number, but they are one in essence, and they all revolve in the same sphere: (Does a friendship bring them together? Or a fellowship? Or a hidden hostility that does not appear in electronic and media terms?).

What kind of communication connects them?

It is no secret to anyone that both today and for years also sit on the throne of absolute stellarism, and obtain the first place equally, Lebanese and Arab, and from their generation there is no competition, they are fought today, and whoever competed with them previously fell today or their shares declined.

They both have preserved the continuity, the hardest criterion and the hardest evidence of any success one achieves.

Several question marks are posed by each of the two very successful republics of artists.

  • Today happened to be Elisa’s birthday and Nancy did not take her back, and a short while ago it happened to Nancy’s birthday and Elisa did not return her, why?

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  • Nancy released a song for Beirut, many stars and stars wrote to her. Elissa did not write a letter to congratulate her, and so did Nancy, who did not bless her with the release of her new album (Opinionist), so why?

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  • Elissa is very active on social media, and Nancy is relatively far away, but they both write for their colleagues and colleagues, so why not write for each other the most beautiful words of love, congratulations and wishes for success?

Two fans sharing the same obsessions, sometimes agreeing and fighting at other times over a front-end battle.

We do not interfere with Elisa and Nancy’s choices, nor with their electronic behavior toward each other, but we also ask, as every skeptic has the right to,:

  • When did social media reflect the true image of the stars and their relationship with each other?
  • Do you think that the artistic friendships that you see day and night on the communication sites are truly flawless?
  • Who among you knows if they communicate with each other secretly and congratulate each other without writing in front of you?
  • What do they need to congratulate each other in front of you? To increase the interaction you put them on the last list of their interests? Or to master the art of accommodation and compliments that are unlike their character formation? Do you want them to deceive you?

The competition raged between them for years. We are talking about the first rank in the Arab world and the first row chair, which is one of the fiercest battles .. Here we ask and go back with you to the beginnings:

  • Which one day did you get used to? Or played down a colleague’s importance or her successes?
  • How many times has Elisa praised Nancy’s successes?
  • Remember when she admitted that one of her albums was superior to her?
  • Or did you forget how Nancy always sings to Elissa with love and memorizes most of her songs?
  • Or how did she smile when (Muna Wajir) host Pierre Ribat said to her: You are the second behind Elissa?

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What does this mean?

Nancy’s extraordinary confidence and rare self-reconciliation? She could, of course, with firm conviction .. But she also smiled, out of appreciation for her colleague and a clear respect for her position.

Such a relationship is based on honesty and respect that we miss in an instantaneous time pockmarked with lies. What is its need for social media that is pervaded by the language of insults, insults, immorality, and blatant attacks?

Here, too, we have to differentiate well:

Elisa and Nancy are not close friends to interact with every photo or video published by one of them, but they are colleagues who always respected the rules and morals of the honest competition between them, and we even classify them as the most honest among all competitions!

Abdullah Baalbaki – Beirut


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