El Gouna Festival .. Two Tunisian and Palestinian films, and a debate on normalization


French actor / Gérard de Bardieu on whom the El Gouna Film Festival controversy revolves

The Tunisian film “The Man Who Sold His Back” by the Tunisian director, Kawthar Ben Haneya, was shown at the opening of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival.

The film director expressed her happiness that the film will be premiered at the El Gouna Film Festival, as the festival helped support the film project, whose idea began in 2012.

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Egypt ... Filmmakers denounce the honor of De Bardieu at the El Gouna Festival

The film deals with a meeting between two worlds that seem, at first glance, the most distant from each other. The first is an established, elitist world, one of the pillars of its existence, freedom of which is the world of contemporary art. The second world is the world of refugees, where the luxury of choice is absent, and existence in this world is based on current events, the balance of power, and the natural human instinct to survive.

Speaking about the film, Kawthar Ben Haniyeh says: “The idea started in 2012, when I was visiting the exhibition of the Belgian artist, Wim Delphoy, at the Louvre Museum in Paris, and I saw him in Napoleon III’s apartments, where the artist, Tim Schneider, drew a tattoo while he was The latter is sitting on a bench. ”

And “The Man Who Sold His Back” is the fifth feature film in the Tunisian director’s career, in which she tries to portray the Syrian situation through her own vision of political and social events, through the story of a Syrian young man, engraving a “Schengen” visa on his back, after his escape from Syria to Lebanon, where He meets an American painter, who helps him travel to the United States of America.

The Italian star, Monica Bellucci, co-stars in her first appearance in Arab cinema, and she visited Tunisia, July 2019, to shoot her scenes in an art gallery in the Tunisian capital. And I agreed to participate after I watched Ben Haniyeh’s film “On the Edge of Imp” at the seventieth session of the Festival de Cannes.

The film was starred by the Canadian actor of Syrian origin, Yahya Mahaini.

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Egyptian actresses compete with their red carpet views of the El Gouna Film Festival

Today’s festival’s activities also include, and within the framework of the feature film competition, the Palestinian film “200 meters”, which is the first feature film by Amin Nayfa, who is the author of the script.

The film takes place inside Palestine, where we follow the hero of the film, Mustafa, who plays the role of actor, Ali Suleiman, who lives separately from his wife and children because of the separation wall, while the distance between the two houses is only 200 meters. Despite this, Mustafa has to go through an extremely difficult journey to cross the wall, due to the expiration of his official entry permit.

The El Gouna Festival this year comes in light of a raging controversy over the honor of the famous French actor, who also holds a Russian nationality, Gérard de Bardieu. As filmmakers, critics and intellectuals consider de Pardieu, “a racist Zionist, hostile to the values ​​of peace and tolerance, and supportive of the Zionist entity’s occupation of Arab lands in Palestine,” as they said in the statement they published yesterday.

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