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Gifted and talented women in an age group of over 60 are competing in the Arabic version of the international program at the Voice SENIOR, Which starts from Wednesday at 8:30 pm at «MBC Egypt », which made it clear in a statement that the goal is to achieve the biggest dream of stardom and fame, and to gain recognition of talent and deliver it to the Arab public everywhere, under the eyes and eyes of the four stars, coaches: Hany Shaker, Samira Said, Najwa Karam and Melhem Zein; The program is presented by Yasser Al-Saqqaf and Annabella Hilal, who accompany the participants on stage as well as behind the scenes.

The program comes in 7 episodes, starting with the first phase: “The Voice and Bass”, which extends through four episodes, during which the talents stand in succession on the stage to present the various lyrical styles of modern, classical, tarab and others, waiting for one of the coaches’ chairs to turn.

The second phase «Sing Off» It is divided into two rings, where each coach includes 4 votes to his team, to choose from later only two votes that move to the final stage, where each of the qualifiers sings a single song, before crowning in the last episode the title of the program.

Artist Hany Shaker describes the training experience in the program as “very interesting and new,” adding, “This experience gave us the opportunity to meet with stars and talents of old age, who did not receive the fame they deserve in the past. Some of them had never before and had gone through the challenge, and others were exhausted by the challenge and decided Shortening the road and staying at home, until this program came today to revive the old dream».

And about his dealings with the stars – coaches with the participants, the artist Hani Shaker said: “We give talents self-confidence first, and it is certain that the beautiful talent will reach the audience.” “Shaker” expressed his astonishment at what he described as “the inability of some wonderful talents to reach in the past.” To present her art to the ears of people. ”He continued:“ These talents have not lost their voice and artistic potential yet, noting that some of them are older than usual for the singing field, and he is confident that the audience will interact with the participants with all affection and love..

Samira Saeed considered her participation “the sweetest and most enjoyable experiences she has gone through, and it is an exceptional idea and a great and unique step for more than one reason, most notably that the program gives talents an opportunity to show their potentials after professional, family, social and other circumstances prevented her from practicing singing.” And dreams come true». And “Samira” continued: There are many talents that came as a surprise to me, one of them is, for example, but not limited to, the experience of an elderly man whose voice retained its elegance and did not lose its luster, so to speak, nor his luster, and I was impressed by him in every sense of the word, and there is another participant He uses the layers of his voice and his Arabic simply and easily, in a way that confirms that he is a professional singer who is still practicing his talent».

For her part, actress Najwa Karam explained that the most important thing in the program «In the Voice SENIOR»It comes from the fact that it gives real hope to applicants and provides a message that the talent, no matter how late it appears in public, must find the right opportunity to realize itself even at a time that some might think is relatively late .. Real talents have no specific age.». And she continued: “The talents in this program, if they were not real, would not have applied to participate, and although the circumstances may not have served them through the previous stages of their life, but today, without any doubt, they were able to excel in performing different singing colors, as each talent has a specificity, taste and distinct flavor. Which posed a confusion for the coaches and made the task of choosing between us very difficult.

The artist Melhem Zain highly valued his experience in the program and said: “She was great alongside great professors and with really great talents. Most of them have an artistic outlook, and they want to achieve a position for themselves on the scene..

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Date: 2020-10-06


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