Egypt News | Arts / director of the Palestinian film “200 meters” in El Gouna: I took 10 years to write and I became depressed


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Amin Nayfeh, the director of the film, began his speech by saying: It took me 10 years to write the work, and while I was studying cinema, the teacher asked us to write class, prepare three ideas, to choose one idea in the end to be developed, so that we carry it with us after graduation, and we turn it into a film one day.

“200 meters” was one of these ideas, but I wrote the first professional version of the film in 2013, and throughout this period I worked on continuously developing the script and script until it came out as it is, on a journey that took place between ups and downs, sometimes without depression My feeling is that he will not see the light due to financial difficulties. ”

He added: “I lived my childhood with my mother in a Palestinian village, but now she lives on the Israeli side. Before 2005, life was easier, but once the separation wall was built, control, domination and oppression began from the Israeli side. Suddenly, access to my uncle’s home became difficult even though the drive is 20 minutes. ».

Nayfa stressed that, under the current circumstances, obtaining Israeli citizenship has become impossible. Because in the past it was available and people resort to this solution for an easier life with regard to education and health insurance.

Nayfa answered a question about solving the film’s crisis by an Israeli character, in contradiction with the message of the work itself. Loss of his most basic rights. One day, a groom went to joy in a car trunk.

Nayfeh indicated that he had a birth certificate from an Israeli hospital, and continued, “It was possible to obtain Israeli citizenship by assigning a lawyer, but I did not.”

Date: 2020-10-27


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