Egypt .. Has the second Corona wave entered a relatively high case? Sisi’s advisor comments


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Mohamed Awad Taj Al-Din, advisor to the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi for health affairs, followed what is being said about Egypt’s entry into the second wave of the spread of the new Corona virus, or what has become known as “Covid-19”.

This came in a telephone interview on the Al-Hadath channel today, where he said: “The picture is that we must continue with precautions, prevention and care, because up to now there are numbers and injuries are recorded, people enter hospitals, and there are people who enter intensive care ..”

He added, “Compared to what existed before that, the situation is much better, more stable, and less severe, but there are still cases, and we must continue to be very careful and preventive and follow all special instructions on this issue ..”

Regarding entering the second wave of the virus, Taj al-Din said: “I cannot say that we entered the second wave because the second wave means that a severe decrease in the number of cases, then a gradual increase until it reaches high rates, this is what happened in many countries, but I cannot say We entered the second wave .. ”

In response to a question about the relatively increasing numbers of infections and whether they indicate anything, Taj al-Din said: “No, the increase is between 10-15% and not every day, and all the numbers that are announced may remain cumulative because the incubation period for the disease may last for several days, but if we follow the average The observed oscillating between a slight increase and another decrease, which means instability in the states, and this confirms that the disease has disappeared is an unreal belief and we must continue and any other possibilities that carry an increase in numbers or an increase in the severity of the disease must be dealt with with care .. “


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