Dutch Bertiz goes out crying after losing to Italian Irani in “Roland Garros” – Al-Binaa newspaper


I avoided Dutch Kiki Bertens, Exit Early From championship France Tennis «Roland Garros»، distance Her survival From Point To lose the match, Before Italian Sara Iranian, To inform The role the third.

وفازت Bertens, Classified Fifth, Match As a result, 7-6، And3-6، And9-7، distance Signed protector On Stadiums Sandy Took More From three Hours, لكنها She left The stadium On a chair Moving, After Insulted her Its competition Italian She refused Shake hands with her Rear End Meeting.

And did not Give up the match From Controversy, Where She needed Bertens, Which Suffered From Problems Physical in a the group Third, Received On Break, To make fun Iranian From She was injured With a movement Provocative distance Her victory By one The balls in a Run broke down Transmission.

وعقب End the match, She left Iranian The stadium Without Shake hands The usual between The players At the network, And before that Pick up Its purposes Screamed in a وجه Its competition In the language Italian: «Go on you Curse».

وفور Hear it To insult, She cast Bertens With the racket On Earth, And covered Her face With a towel, To enter in a fit crying Which Sitting in a the seat The private Out inside The stadium.

And it did not end there, as the Dutch began to agonize over her seat and requested medical intervention, as she needed a wheelchair to leave the stadium, due to her suffering from psychological disorders as a result of the insult to which she was subjected, and also to her physical suffering after the great effort that she made in the match and the organizers of the tournament did not issue Roland Garros, no statement or comment so far regarding the events of the Bertens match against Iran.


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