Due to Corona ban .. Clashes between demonstrators and police in Naples


A new study concluded that fully wearing face masks can prevent 130,000 deaths related to the emerging corona virus, until the end of next February.

The study prepared by the “Niger Medicine” magazine and published by the site “The Hill“, Until wearing the mask in the correct manner and social distancing are the two most important means of preventing the coronavirus until the vaccine is approved.

The study added: “A full commitment to wearing a mask can prevent a second wave of the disease, even with less stringent general restrictions.”

The study found that even if only 85 percent of people wore masks in public, nearly 96,000 lives could be saved.

But failure to fully wear the mask by 95 percent of people could lead to the death of more than half a million people due to the epidemic, according to the expectations of researchers at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

So far, no vaccine has received official approval in the world, at a time when scientists expect that these vaccines will not be available before next year, while the doses will not be widely available before next April.

And 49 percent of Americans said that they are committed to wearing masks in public places permanently, while researchers confirmed that 95 percent of people wear masks in the United States.

The United States, which is the countries most affected by the “Covid 19” disease caused by the Corona virus, has 8,489,752 confirmed cases, of which 223,947 deaths, according to comprehensive statistics.Johns Hopkins“.

Under the worst-case scenario, which the researchers modeled, states continuing to backtrack on their restrictions would lead to one million deaths nationwide by the end of February.

The researchers noted that implementing measures such as school closures, restrictions on gatherings, stay-at-home orders, and partial or complete closures of non-essential businesses once the state reaches 8 daily deaths per million people “could significantly reduce the effects of the disease.”


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