Dubai Businesswomen and Creative Zone organize the first training session for the Business Accelerators Program – Economic – Local Market


The Dubai Businesswomen Council, in partnership with Creative Zone, organized the first virtual training sessions for the “She Leads” business accelerator program, the first of its kind in the Emirate of Dubai, and one of the Council’s initiatives that aims to train, support and sponsor women entrepreneurs through intensive distance training sessions for 12 weeks.

The session titled “Business Launchpad” presented by Humira Ali, Director of “Intuitive Change”, witnessed a wide participation of women, entrepreneurs and interested parties, as the participants were introduced to the most important principles for launching a successful project as well as focusing on the business model and project plan that helps in formulating a business proposal within One page also gives women entrepreneurs the tools to make their projects successful, anticipating mistakes and avoiding them before they happen.

Hamira Ali indicated that women make up 51% of the world’s population and 33% of all entrepreneurs, stressing that the Accelerator Program gives participants all the tools they need to start their businesses.

Nadine Halabi, Director of Business Development at the Dubai Businesswomen Council, confirmed that the inaugural training session of the Business Accelerators Program is an overview and comprehensive guide that every entrepreneur needs in order to have an opportunity to successfully launch her project, noting that the program focuses in particular on providing participants with possible solutions to overcome On the challenges that they face when starting their own businesses and projects .. Among these challenges are knowledge, obtaining capital, learning about legal rights, how to attract clients, and lack of experience with the reality of the labor market .. It is noteworthy that the program sessions will shed light over the coming weeks on many important topics such as Business launch strategy, financing, expansion, influencing leadership, marketing and distribution.

For his part, Lorenzo Juris, CEO of Creative Zone, expressed his happiness with the response of the participants in the program and their continuous communication with each other even after the end of the seminar, stressing that this is the spirit that I want the program to adopt to enable businesswomen to help their counterparts to achieve prosperity and success in their professional lives.

He indicated that all participants in the seminar took advantage of the social media portals of Creative Zone “CZ Connect” to communicate with like-minded entrepreneurs and owners of startups.

During the symposium, a number of participants were invited to talk about their work and exchange ideas in addition to directing the participants to create platforms and social media groups to discuss and explore ways that enable them to help each other in their own projects, in addition to seeing the opportunities provided by the Dubai Businesswomen Council as a platform that supports the businesswomen community from During learning and development, as well as inviting women interested in participating in the “She Leads” program.



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