Drama and political adolescence … Has Trump disregarded the Coronavirus and endangers the lives of his contacts?


Muhammad al-Sharqawi, professor of international conflicts at George Mason University, said that the political scene in America is not homogeneous, but rather a complex of two contradictory images.

Al-Sharqawi described the first picture – as stated in his statements in the “Beyond the News” program (5/10/2020) – that it is for the US President Donald Trump, the guerrilla who challenges infection with the Coronavirus and believes that it is only a passing cold, and Egypt continues to complete his campaign to win the presidential elections.

On the other hand, there is an image of political discord due to the division of opinions regarding his move, as annoyance appeared to some doctors who considered that Trump’s exit in the car was a risk that would put his contacts in danger.

Trump’s sudden wandering around the hospital in which he resides after being infected with the Corona virus, to greet his supporters, was met by mixed reactions inside and outside the United States of America, between those who considered him a sign of his recovery and those who found him a risk for political and electoral purposes.

But the leader in the Republican Party, Sol Annowsz, considered that Trump was affected by the presence of people outside the hospital, and therefore wanted to show his gratitude to them, assuming that the guards and the driver took the necessary measures to maintain their safety.

Political teenager
In an indication that Trump’s media exit was solely for the purpose of media propaganda, Al-Sharqawi said that Trump has exceeded the limits of leadership and wisdom, but rather has become in the rule of a political teenager who lives the role of indomitable crises and epidemics.

On the other hand, Anosz argued that it is impossible for Trump to be subject to quarantine in isolation from all people, but rather that he must have security personnel and some employees in order to manage government affairs.

Regarding Trump’s health, which has caused controversy in the American and international street alike, Al-Sharqawi considered that there is a state of confusion about the truth of what the White House is hiding, especially the medical team surrounding Trump, which tries as much as possible to reduce the risk of injury, but it has been found from other sources that Trump was given a drug to give to someone whose lungs were directly infected with the virus.

But Anosz saw that the political framework makes everyone politicize every move or statement to Trump, as the election campaign makes the political atmosphere full of blame and reproach between the two parties, believing that Trump feels a healthy improvement and therefore he made his car ride.

It is reported that the “Hill” website had quoted Doctor James Phillips as saying that Trump had put the lives of Secret Service members at risk for an unnecessary political play. Doctor Phillips expressed surprise at what he saw as an astonishing level of irresponsibility.


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