Dollar prices against the pound today, Sunday


Sunday, 10-18-2020
07:39 PM
Tayeb Hussain

Today, Sunday, the exchange rate of the dollar against the pound witnessed remarkable stability in a number of banks operating in Egypt.In the banks of Cairo, Alexandria, and Credit Agricole, the price of the green currency settled at 15.64 pounds for purchase, and 15.74 pounds for sale.

Also, the price in the Suez Canal Bank stabilized at 15.62 pounds for purchase, and 15.72 pounds for sale.

It remained steady in the Commercial International, Arab African, and Housing and Development banks at 15.63 pounds for purchase and 15.73 pounds for sale.

The price of the US currency in the Egyptian banks of Al-Ahly, Egypt, Abu Dhabi Islamic, and Al-Barakah settled at 15.65 pounds for purchase and 15.75 pounds for sale.


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