Doctors who have contracted the virus explain the long-term effects of Corona


Doctors who have contracted Covid-19 disease said that they have become more understanding of the suffering of patients who have contracted the virus, especially with long-term symptoms that last for weeks after recovery.

According to what was published “Wall Street JournalThey formed support groups on social media and talked about symptoms that caught their attention.

Doctors communicate, through private groups on Facebook Messenger, to talk about the disease and answer questions about it.

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They noted that long-term symptoms are related to breathing and heart health, and some of them quit work because of suffering from these problems.

Doctors who suffered from heart palpitations and difficulty breathing noted their condition as tension, but later they knew that it was a symptom of the disease, and they became more aware of what the patients were suffering from.

In a related context, the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced, on Monday, that its experimental vaccine against Covid-19 provokes an encouraging immune response in young adults and the elderly.

“It is encouraging to see similar immune responses in older adults and young adults,” said a spokesperson for AstraZeneca who is working on the vaccine with the University of Oxford.

The group said, “The results support evidence of the safety of the vaccine and the immune response to it.”

The University of Oxford explained that this data comes from the first clinical trials of the so-called Phase II.

The experimental vaccine is currently in a broader clinical trial phase called Phase 3, which is the phase that precedes its release to the authorities for approval for marketing.

On Friday, AstraZeneca announced that clinical trials have also resumed in the United States after it was suspended. After a participant fell ill more than six weeks ago.


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