Do not be afraid of Corona, .. Trump announces that he is fine and leaves the hospital within hours


US President Donald Trump, who was infected with the Coronavirus a few days ago, announced that he was fine, and would leave the hospital later today, Monday, while more cases of the disease were recorded among the White House staff.

Trump, 74, wrote on Twitter, “I will leave the wonderful (Walter Reed) Medical Center today at 18:30 (22:30 GMT) … I really feel fine. Do not be afraid of Corona .. Do not let it control your life.”

He said in the same tweet that he feels “better than he was 20 years ago.”

Earlier today, Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, said that Trump’s health is continuously improving, and spoke of “amazing progress” towards his recovery from the disease, expressing his optimism that the president would leave today the Walter Reed military hospital, which he was transferred to Friday evening Hours after testing positive for the Coronavirus.

Speaking to Fox News, Meadows added that Trump is ready to return to his regular schedule at the White House, given his improved health.

The White House chief of staff also said that the president will receive a new assessment today from his medical team about his health, and accordingly a decision will be made to discharge him from the hospital.

Trump had several symptoms resulting from infection with the Coronavirus, which were fever, cough and nasal congestion, and shortly after his transfer to the hospital on Friday, he suffered two episodes of lack of oxygen in the blood, which required providing him with additional oxygen, but his doctor confirmed that he was not subjected to shortness of breath.

Since his hospitalization, the US President has received several treatments against the Corona virus, including the antiviral drug remdisever within a treatment period that lasts 5 days, in addition to the drug dexamethasone, which is from the family of steroids, and is used to treat critically ill patients with Corona.

Even if he is allowed to leave the hospital, he will need to continue treatment because he is still on remdesivir, and the usual quarantine period for everyone who gets sick is 14 days.

Earlier, the medical team confirmed that Trump’s situation is not a cause for concern, despite reports that there are worrisome indications of his health, while the chief epidemiologist in the United States, Anthony Fauci, defended the medical team at the White House, which was accused of not providing Transparent information on the president’s health condition.

President’s messages
Since Friday, the president has spoken in video messages to reassure his worried supporters a month before the presidential elections, stressing that he is doing well, and yesterday he got out in a 4×4 vehicle on a short trip to greet his supporters outside the hospital, which sparked criticism against him.

White House spokesman Judd Deer said that the medical team overseeing the president’s treatment granted approval for his release to greet his supporters, adding that appropriate precautions were taken during Trump’s move in his presidential motorcade to protect the president and his entourage.

Meanwhile, Trump urged his supporters, in a series of short tweets, to vote for him in the elections, listing what he considered his achievements, which were the prosperity of markets, the strength that US forces have become, and the imposition of law and order.

New infections
Meanwhile, Kylie McKinani, a White House spokeswoman, announced that she was infected with the Coronavirus, and McKinani was holding press conferences without adhering to health protocols, and American media reported that her aid had been infected with the Corona virus.

As for Vice President – Mike Pence – today, tests showed that he and his wife were not infected with the Coronavirus, according to a White House official.

As for Melania, the wife of the US president, who was also infected with the virus, she confirmed today on Twitter that she will continue to rest in the White House, and she had previously announced that she was fine.

Presidential debate
While doctors were discussing the possibility of the president leaving the hospital, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said today that he is ready to participate in the debate scheduled for next week with Trump, if health experts say that it will be safe.

And a poll published yesterday, conducted by “Reuters / Ipsos”, showed that Biden is 10 percentage points ahead of Trump at the national level.

About 65% of Americans said Trump would not have contracted the disease if he had taken the virus seriously.

Trump has repeatedly criticized social distancing guidelines aimed at curbing the spread of the virus.

Trump is being criticized for his statement that he met soldiers and medics in the hospital, actions that are likely to expose more people to the virus, in addition to his drive from Walter Reed military hospital yesterday.


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