“Disney Plus” is the exclusive premiere of “Soul” on Christmas – Think and Art – Cinema


The Walt Disney Company said Thursday that the Disney Plus broadcasting platform will have the exclusive premiere of Pixar’s animated film “Soul” on Christmas Day after it was due to be released in cinemas during November.

The company said in a statement that the film will not be released in cinemas except in markets where Disney Plus is not currently available or in which the service will not be available soon.

Disney is testing new ways to unilaterally display new films in light of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the audience’s presence in cinema, especially in the United States. The company is trying to attract more customers to Disney Plus, which has more than 60 million subscribers worldwide.

The events of the movie “Soul” revolve around a music teacher whose soul is separated from his body. Disney Plus subscribers can watch the movie starting December 25 without additional charges other than the monthly subscription price for the service.

Disney said that dates for the movie’s release in cinemas in some markets will be announced at a later time.



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