Discrimination referred to Sawan, Jordan’s investigations about the ship “Roussos” and awaits a response from Mozambique – Al-Banna Newspaper


Forwarded The prosecution the public Discriminatory, to me The investigator Adli in a a crime Explosion port Beirut the judge Fadi granite Investigations Which Conducted by the authorities Judicial Jordanian in a Topic ship «Russus» Which get pregnant Matter «Nitrate ammonium» to me The harbor, د distance that Send deputy The year Discriminatory the judge Ghassan Oudate Authorization International A student In which From the authorities Jordanian Investigation With Persons Whose Contribute Stay ship «Russus» in a Harbor Beirut And display it To damage Blocked it From Departure.

Shut down that deputy The year in a Oman Listen to me Testimonies all Persons Concerned File.

وبالتزامن ، Waiting The prosecution the public Response From the authorities Concerned in a Mozambique On The mandate International Which I sent it Discriminatory in a File a sample.

وتجدر Signal, to me that ship «Russus» Which she was Bearing Matter «Nitrate ammonium»، Flying From port «Batumi» in a Georgia to me port «Paira» in a Mozambique, Deviated About Off course The specified Through Its existence in a Show the sea Building On Order Owner the ship Before that Follow up Her flight to me Africa, She stopped On port Beirut لتحميل ونقل equipment Used in a Operations The survey Seismic Search About Oil د To empty it in a Harbor Hitch Jordanian by agent Marine لشركة GSC Which Own Offices in a Jordan, Except that the ship Shabby did not Be able From Download Which From hardware Heavy Incremental What The latest Damages Gross In which, She was forced The company Later to me Quoted hardware Through Ship Other to me Harbor Hitch.

From Side Other, Listen the judge granite yesterday, to me Inform me Two witnesses, They Officials in a Department Gunpowder in a Ministry Interior, On that Is listening Today And tomorrow to me Two experts Chemists وخبيري explosives And expert Firecrackers As Witnesses.


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