Disclosure of specifications and shape of the most powerful Huawei phones before its launch


Some websites have leaked pictures and information related to the shape and specifications of the Mate 40 phone, which is expected to be revealed by Huawei within days.

According to the leaks, the phone that is expected to become the most powerful Huawei phones for this year and the best of the technical front is supposed to have a 6.67-inch OLED screen with a resolution of (2777/1344) pixels, and this screen will be curved edges like the famous Samsung NOTE phones.

According to expectations, this device will also receive a modern SoC Kirin 9000 octa-core processor that operates at a frequency of 3.13 GHz, and is equipped with four Cortex-A77 and four Cortex-A77 cores.

Huawei is supposed to launch it with 8 and 12 GB random access memory, 256 and 512 GB internal storage memory, and a special kodem device that enables it to communicate with 5G networks.

In view of the images leaked by the Winfuture site for the design of the device, we note that the phone will get a dual front camera, and a basic quad-lens camera, whose lenses are distributed in a circular frame on the backend.

The primary lens resolution for this phone’s camera will be 50 megapixels at most, and the camera will contain a 20-megapixel lens for wide photography, and a 12-megapixel optical sensor equipped with a 5x optical zoom feature, while the fourth lens will be responsible for the automatic focus of the image.

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It is expected that Huawei will announce a group of advanced Mate 40 phones during a technical event that will be held on 22 October.

Source: Novosti


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