Director Ali Abdel Khaleq reveals the reason for providing ambulances while screening a song on the driveway


Director Ali Abdel Khaleq said that the stories of the officers and soldiers were what motivated him to make a movie song on the corridor, pointing out that a song on the corridor cost 19 thousand pounds at the time of its production, saying: “My birthday is on June 9, but after the setback you did not celebrate and no one would say everything A year and you are good. “

Abdel Khaleq added, during his interview with Wael Al-Ibrashi, the journalist, on the ninth program, broadcast on the Egyptian Channel One, that there were ambulances next to the movie theaters of the song on the corridor due to the cases of fainting, the audience affected.

Director Ali Abdel Khaleq continued, that the artists ’wages in the movie Song on the Passage were very low compared to the current time, indicating that the artist Mahmoud Morsi got the highest fee in the movie Song on the Pass, which was 4 thousand pounds, and we also got 15 thousand pounds from the army at the time. .

The official website of the Ministry of Defense published a documentary film entitled “October, an Egyptian Will.” The film bears many testimonies of the heroes of the October 1973 War, in which Egypt celebrates on the occasion of restoring the Sinai Peninsula..

The Moral Affairs Administration of the Armed Forces is keen on broadcasting many documentary and documentary films, and patriotic songs, on the anniversary of the victories of the Sixth of October, the forty-third anniversary of which falls this year..


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